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I’m Back


I doubt any of you have been checking recently since I’ve been MIA since March. Anyway, since a blog I co-author refers to this site, I decided I should pick it up again. As an update, I still work for the same company and lots of changes are happening, and pretty rapidly. I’m starting a […]

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I am adding links to technical writing books, articles, and educational programs on the Resources page. If you are looking for something specific (such as a good style guide) be sure to add a comment and I will do my best to help you!

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Writing for Purpose is not just another technical writing blog. It was created for technical, science, business, healthcare, and other professional communicators. I currently write and edit technical publications, policies, work instructions, marketing materials, presentations, and so much more. With this blog I hope to provide: A chronicle of my life as a technical writer […]

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